Service philosophy

Service concept

Shares if they adhere to meet customer demand as the center of the service concept, the establishment of a complete pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system, and can according to customer requirements, undertake personalized design, with special conditions such as homework at low temperature handling tools and equipment, in product installation, use and maintenance to give the user guide, training and other technical support, to meet customer demand.

The company adopts mature, advanced and reasonable production processes and technologies, strictly implements API Q1 and other technical standards, strengthens quality management, pursues scientific and technological innovation, and provides high-quality products:

◆ Advanced product design, reasonable structure, ensure high quality material selection.

◆ Comprehensive and integrated service, to provide customers with a full range of technical guidance and consultation.

◆ Comply with ISO9001 and API quality assurance system regulations, strictly control the process of product design, material purchase, manufacturing inspection, packaging and delivery to ensure the "zero defect" of products.

◆ In strict accordance with customer requirements, carefully organized production, strict quality control, to ensure that the product performance meet customer requirements.

◆ Respond to the equipment failure within 12 hours and go to the site to solve the problem within 24 hours if conditions permit, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment within the shortest time.

◆ Regularly understand the use of the product, deal with the feedback information in a timely manner, and provide long-term technical services for customers.