Corporate Culture

Advanced corporate culture is the spiritual pillar and power source of sustainable and healthy development of enterprises. After more than 60 years of development, the company has formed an enterprise culture system with distinctive characteristics of "Rutong", which integrates "science and technology culture, quality culture, brand culture, safety culture, and staff culture" through the inheritance, innovation, cultivation and accumulation of Rutong people.

In order to ensure the implementation of corporate culture, the company has established a leading group for promoting the implementation of corporate culture with the chairman as the group leader and the general manager as the Deputy group leader. The chairman actively practices the core values of the enterprise, unites and leads the majority of cadres and workers to aim at building a century old dream with his own personality charm and enterprise feelings of more than 50 years, and strives to forge ahead with the goal of building a century old dream. The corporate culture has become a driving force for the company Continuous innovation and development of core competitiveness.

Mission: to provide high quality equipment and service for the world petroleum industry

Enterprise vision: "Rutong" oil tools, domestic pilot, international leader

Enterprise spirit: pragmatism, joint efforts and innovation

Business philosophy: create every day with sincerity

Core values of enterprises: people oriented, integrity and responsibility

Science and technology culture

Science and technology is the first productive force. The company strengthens the construction of science and technology culture, attaches importance to personnel training, innovates the incentive mechanism, and actively guides the staff to play their wisdom in learning and using science and technology, tackling key technical problems and technological innovation activities, thus ensuring that the products have always been in the leading position in the domestic market and reached the international advanced level. The company has undertaken a number of national and provincial torch plans Project, a number of products won the national key new products and high-tech products of Jiangsu Province, with more than 50 core technology independent intellectual property rights. The company has become a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a private science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

Quality and brand culture

Quality is the life of an enterprise. The company adheres to the culture leading quality upgrading, establishes and improves the quality assurance system, implements the quality responsibility to each employee and each process. Through continuous on-site management, quality trustworthy team and individual competition activities, the company promotes employees to improve their quality, forms good quality habits, and ensures the continuous improvement of product quality, reaching the international advanced level, both at home and abroad Customers have a high reputation and reputation. The company obtained Nantong quality pacesetter enterprise.

Safety culture

Safety and environmental protection is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy development of the company. The company vigorously promotes the construction of safety and environmental protection culture, starting from both ends of prevention and emission reduction, governance and protection, integrates the requirements of safety and environmental protection and green low-carbon concept into all aspects of production and operation, continuously increases the investment in safety and environmental protection facilities and daily operation management, and through unremitting publicity, education, learning and training In order to ensure the effective implementation and implementation of the company's environmental policy, and strive to achieve the coordination and sustainable development of economic construction and safety and environmental protection.

Party building culture

The company adheres to the in-depth integration of Party building and corporate culture, establishes a party mass cultural activity center integrating reading room, Party school training position and entertainment room, creates an ecological party building brand with Rutong characteristics, achieves party building guidance, cultural edification, comprehensive penetration and deep integration, stimulates the vitality of employees, enhances the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise, and the corporate culture has become a success In order to promote the competitiveness of continuous innovation and rapid development of the company. The company has successively won the honorary titles of "national model worker's home", advanced grass-roots party organization of Jiangsu Province, "model enterprise of harmonious labor relations" of Jiangsu Province, civilized unit of Nantong City, etc., and a batch of advanced character groups such as national labor model, provincial and municipal labor model have emerged.

Staff culture

Actively fulfill social responsibility

The company actively supports public welfare undertakings. In 2018, the company established "Rutong stock love fund" with Rudong Charity Association, with a rolling donation of 600000 yuan in three years; Cao Caihong, chairman of the board of directors, led the establishment of "Rudong County female entrepreneur love and Orphan Fund", and I also helped students with difficulties; she initiated the establishment of "love relief mutual aid fund" within the enterprise, and "six ones" within the enterprise sent warmth Warm activity became normal.