PS275 pneumatic slip

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PS175-275 Pneumatic slip is a pneumatic operation tool for lifting and lowering drill pipe, drill collar, clamping casing and other pipe strings in oil and gas drilling operations. Suitable for use on 17.1/2-27.1/2 turntables, this pneumatic slip has the characteristics of high mechanized operation, easy operation, large lifting force, wide application range, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity, and greatly improve operating efficiency. . Products are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 7K specifications.


Hold pipe diameter(in)

Maximum load Fixed work stress Applicable rotary table
slip body Diameter
PS175 3.1/2 2.3/8-3.1/2

150 tons


0.6~0.8Mpa 17.1/2
5.1/2 4-5.3/4
PS205 3.1/2 2.3/8-3.1/2 20.1/2
5.1/2 4-5.3/4
PS275 3.1/2 2.3/8-3.1/2

250 tons


5.1/2 4-5.3/4
7.5/8 6.5/8-7.3/4
9.5/8 8.5/8-9.7/8