CDZH hydraulic elevator

Related introduction
The CDZH hydraulic elevator is a side-opening elevator, which adopts a double-valve structure. By changing the lining, the tapered drill rod, drill collar, casing, and tubing can be hung; using the hydraulic control system, the operation is more convenient and can effectively reduce the workers’ Labor intensity, improve work efficiency, can realize remote control, safe and reliable use. The elevator is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 8C "Drilling and Production Lifting Equipment".
Elevator model Column type and specifications
Rated load(Short tons)
Taper drill pipe Casing Drill Collar Tubing
CDZH□-350 / 95/8-20 / / 350
CDZH□-500 31/2-65/8 41/2-95/8 43/4-93/4 23/8-41/2 500