Workover and wellhead automatic operation device

Related introduction
Skid-mounted type: the well workover wellhead automatic operation device is a device for lifting and lowering the tubing, the shackle on the tubing and the automatic transportation in the oilfield workover operation, collecting power tongs, power elevator, power chuck, manipulator, catwalk and centering device Functions in one, there are two types of skid-mounted and vehicle-mounted.
Wellhead operation is unmanned;
Green and environmental protection, with centralized collection of well fluid and anti-splashing oil;
Tubing self-centering and centering;
The tubing is automatically shackled. Automatically detect the coupling height, automatically adjust the torque and speed, and automatically adjust the gap;
Centralized control of job automation process;
The installation and transportation of the whole automatic device are convenient and fast.
Vehicle-mounted: technical parameters
System pressure: 10MPa
Maximum load of power elevator: 75~150tons
Wellhead rated voltage: 24VDC
Maximum load of power slip: 75~1 50tons
Rated flow: 120L/Min
Power catwalk maximum load: 0.4tons
Applicable pipe diameter: 2.3/8-4. 1/2in
Power catwalk rated pressure: 10Mpa
Maximum unloading torque: 6kN.m
Power cat road rated voltage: 380VAC
Working temperature: -35'C~50'C
Explosion-proof grade: ExdIIBT4
Protection level: IP65