Hydraulic slip

Related introduction

The power slip is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of API Spec 7k. It is a kind of equipment for lifting and lowering pipe strings such as drill pipes and casings in oil and gas drilling operations. Power slips can be divided into hydraulic slips, pneumatic slips, etc.

Technical parameters of hydraulic slip
Project Applicable turntable specifications
WGY275 WGY375 WGY495
17.1/2 27.1/2 37.1/2
Applicable pipe diameter (in) 2.3/8~7.5/8 2.3/8~14 2.3/8~20
Maximum working load (tons) 200 250 700
Maximum working load (kN) 2224 4448 6672
Maximum load torque (kN. m) 22 55 75
Working pressure (MPa) 14~17.5